You’ve read the „What it’s all about“ page, but you still don’t get why the heck anyone would spend so many hours working on such a page just to give people some random idea themes? Me neither.


At first I thought that it’s just a stupid idea. Writing down ten ideas a day? Becoming awesome, getting married, becoming the next superman, working for google, apple and every other trendsetting company in the world? Being an advisor, selling bestsellers, whatever? Okay, okay, all this is too good to be true.


But there lies a tiny fraction of truth in this. So now let us open the curtain for a few testimonials:


Check out what happened to Martin Tiller.


Here Mike Fishbein gives you 7 surprising benefits of writing down ten ideas every day.


And how Garin Etcheberry landed five dream jobs in one month by sending out 10 ideas a day.


And Chris Winfield gives his kudos by showing some great tools and motivators to keep up with your daily practice (cause weekends are no excuse!).