Have you ever heard the term „Idea Machine“?


Well, by and change the word for the better!


According to James and Claudia Altucher all you have to do is the following:write down ten ideas a day.


(If you want more detail, you can listen, watch or hear about it at Jonathan Li interviews Claudia, 33voices: mind hacks for your ideas,The Master himself on how to become an idea machine and StrangerArray is one of them. And he’s doing a great job!

Aaaand, go, fetch! Here’s another example: IdeaCurrencyNet
Even though there is an avdanced version: have ten ideas for somebody else and send them your ideas. This is and trendsetting person, but being only a humble 24 years old, I even had trouble coming up with a theme… But then I had an idea (oh, what a coincidence!)


I also had trouble finding themes from beyond my „usual thoughts“ horizon. I have plenty of ideas around my usual hobbies like gaming, business, farming and everyday things. But I thought if there’s one thing that really gets my mind sweating (and that’s what this is all about), it is having ideas on unfamiliar themes. And I guess it could be the same for you.


So we developed a website that gives you a random theme. Or ten, if you’re a picky one.


Ah, and by the way: if you’d like to give something back, you can do so by here or you can donate a small amount of Euros, Dollars, Rupies, whatever with PayPal here


Or send us a postcard IRL to:

Malchus Kern and Freddy Drewes
Beethovenstr. 1
88677 Markdorf

Now let’s have some fun and don’t forget that this is „where great ideas are born“.