Well, all that sounds pretty cool, but there’s one thing I still don’t get. James says, that „Ideas are the currency of the 21st century“. What does he really mean?


I can only tell you how I understand it myself. Please tell me how you understand it, right here , right now.


Here are some things, that helped me understand that ideas are indeed a currency.


Books from Jim Krause
I just recently started doing photography. I stumbled upon one of his books. It was called „Photo Idea Index: People“. I turned the pages, and in that moment it stroke me. That guy is not selling a book or pictures. He’s not selling a story or a how to. He’s selling ideas. Just some inspiration. scattered over almost 400 pages. How freakin‘ awesome! This guy is making money, not by making the most extraordinary pictures, but by being as creative as he can. And I felt like, wow, I can do this too. There would be no need for me to wait ten years until I can take fantastic pictures. I can start here, as I know that I am creative. And, by the way, he wrote like ten of these idea books. I am SO jealous!


THE Book from Claudia Altucher
Well, I almost feel guilty for stealing readers from Claudia, as people whom would use this website would have no need to buy her book. But I am sure that she understands. She’s actually selling empty pages. Wtf? She’s giving a theme for every day for 180 days for your idea list. And I paid for it. And I would do it again. In paperback. No ebook thingy, no, no, no.


These guys are selling inspiration, relationships, city tours and a good talk with a cup of coffee. Why would you meet with somebody else? There’s something to get out of it. And that is what they offer. Something interesting. But it’s absolutely not fixed.


Eric Thomas – The Hip Hop Preacher
This guy is just selling some real, kick ass motivation through his words and music. I like it. He’s giving me the idea, that everything is possible. I can, I will, I must.


Pure Incense – scent from another world 
Pure Incense is probably the first company to have made incense with all their ingredients listed on the package. And I would say, that even if their scents might not be better than those from a few other companies, they’re selling the idea that their business is transparent and that they have got nothing to hide. It’s pure incense. Just by doing one little thing a bit different.


Dock Name
Dock Name helps you to find the perfect domain name – through proposals from domain owners. But in a way, they do not only sell their domains, but also give consultancy. The give ideas – and it’s up to the looking one to pick one. The crowd helps, but the individual stays. I could imagine their service to be much cooler than it is right now, but I really like the idea. Proposing company names and getting paid for it, could I be more happy?


What do those people give you? They give you inspiration, motivation, they might bring you to your boundaries, but the greatest thing is: it is you who’s doing it. It’s no somebody else who delivers you all the luck of the world. It’s not Disneyland, trying to pretend a perfect fantasy world. Now it is you. For real. If you write down ideas, you’ll become more creative, but that’s not Claudia’s fault, it really is yours. If you’re going to sell a picture for 200€ tomorrow, it is you who took the picture, not Jim Krause. If you’ll get hooked up, and it is because someone, through his blog or whatever, gave you the idea that you’re worth it, it is you who got hooked up.


But you „bought“ into an idea. Doesn’t matter if you paid for it with money or not. If somebodie’s going to give you 200€ now, would that change your life for a long time? Probably not. But if someone gives you an idea that resonates in you and makes your business, your world or yourself better, that will make a difference.


Now let us reverse this. You are now the one, who’s going to give out ideas.


Who’s going to change the world and other people’s live. Through whatever is your calling. Writing a book. Making music with children. Organising inspiring events. Yes, I just recently attended a conference that rocked my world. It gave me a feeling that there are still people out there, whom want to change the world. People like Van Bo and his KarmaChakhs project. He inspired me. And if he would have needed money for it, I would have given him some. But, and here’s the fun part – he needed no money, as he already had enough mone to live for a year. He had a idea of crowdfunding himself his income for one year. And it worked.


The world does nor work with a fixed plan anymore. 9-to-5 is over. Ideas are the new currency.